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THE gHOST Concept


This chapter is only possible thanks to all the other amazing organizations and volunteers supporting Ukraine and it's 100% team work.

If you are a foreign military volunteer or Ukrainian soldier and got injured at the frontline there are resources available for you. The Ghost Concept can help you finding them and coordinating with other organizations and volunteers.We also help to fulfil medical supplies requests from military units.

What we can help with

Medical Transportation

If you need to be transferred from hospital A to B, we can find you professional medical transportation with partner organizations.


In justified cases, there's the possibility of coordinating the transfer from one hospital to another inside of Ukraine. 

International hospital transfer

Hospitals around Europe are accepting military personnel coming from Ukraine to receive treatment. We can help you with the resources for that. 

coordination of medical supplies requests

For military units that need medical supplies, The Ghost Concept coordinates with partner organizations to fulfill those requests, totally or partially, depending on their availability and stock.

we are here to help!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you need more information about our project and how it works we'll be happy to help.

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