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THE gHOST Concept


Why ghosts?We are ghosts because we protect the anonymity of our volunteers, soldiers, sponsors and team as they request it. 

The Ghost Concept exists to support the brave men and women that fight for freedom. Sponsors are directly matched with volunteers and soldiers in Ukraine to help to provide them life saving equipment, financial help or even sending care packages from abroad to Ukraine. We mainly do what the fighters at the frontline don't have time to do: fundraising. 

Check our Instagram and Twitter @theghostconcept or u/holdontaxi on Reddit!

ghost team 





Tiorda went to Ukraine in first weeks of the full-scale invasion and since then she's volunteering for humanitarian and military projects in-country.
She distributes military equipment to military units in Ukraine, humanitarian aid to civilians still living at frontline villages and coordinates medical cases of injured foreing and Ukrainian soldier for proper medical care in Ukraine and the rest of Europe.
She's a verified user in the r/Ukraine Reddit community for fundraising purposes (u/holdontaxi).

Tiorda is the founder of the Ghost Concept, responsible for marketing management and content creation for the project and vetting process before soldiers and volunteers being matched with sponsors.





Translator and Case Manager

Vesna passion is music and is with music that she enjoys her free time, but now her priority is to help protect to the lives of the Ukrainian soldiers and foreign military volunteers.
Ukraine is her home and since the beginning of the ongoing war, that started 9 years ago, she's helping as much as she can and is honored to volunteer to defend her country.
Vesna volunteers for The Ghost Concept as translator for social media content and Ukrainian units, and she's contributing as Case Manager to facilitate communication between sponsors and soldiers/volunteers.


1. direclty Sponsor someone fighting in ukraine

You can get matched with someone fighting in Ukraine. For this purpose go to "Ghost Sponsor" and learn more.

2. ship goods and treats for the boys and girls at the frontline

Chocolates, protein bars, coffee, you name it! We are happy to receive your packages in-country and deliever them to the frontline fighters. Send us an email requesting our address.


If you are a foreign volunteer fighting in Ukraine or an Ukrainian soldier fill out the form at "Ghost Fighter". We'll match you with a sponsor as soon as possible.

4. health SUPPORT

For foreign military volunteers and Ukrainian soldiers at the frontline, TGC has an amazing network with other organizations and volunteers that can help find better medical solutions and/or proper care in hospitals in Ukraine or other countries in Europe.We also coordinate with partner organizations the request of medical supplies to frontline combat medics.

we are here to help!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you need more information about our project and how it works we'll be happy to help.

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